Emmy-Nominated TV Host And Lifestyle Expert Shows Us How To De-clutter And Earn Cash For The Things You No Longer Need

A tried and true tradition for millions of Americans is the act of spring cleaning, and with March 20th being the first official day of spring, it’s the ideal time to organize and declutter. Spring cleaning can be a hassle, but it’s easy to sell what you don’t need and find everything you do with Facebook Marketplace, the destination on Facebook where people come to discover, buy, and sell goods locally (more than 700 million people each month worldwide)!

Lifestyle expert, Robyn Moreno, who regularly appears on shows like The Today Show and CNN, will talk to viewers about how to spring clean your home using Marketplace, located within the Facebook app, and refresh your space by selling items you no longer need, making room for the things you do. With just a few clicks you can earn some extra cash this spring season!

Some of her tips include:
· Take it one room at a time
o Make a plan and start your spring cleaning with one area at a time, such as a closet, bedroom, or kid’s playroom.
o Keep everything you want to sell together. Household items, electronics, clothing and kid’s toys they’ve outgrown can all be turned into cash and extra space.
· Take photos and start selling!
o Open up Marketplace on your Facebook app and simply take a photo, describe your item, set your price and you’re done!
o Take photos on a plain background with bright lighting to make sure the item you are selling is clearly visible to make your listing stand out.
· Use the extra cash to refresh and organize your space
o Now that you’ve decluttered, use the extra cash to organize and refresh your space with Marketplace – discover and shop for things like shelves, shoe racks, a new area rug or lamp and much more. Plus, searching within your local community makes picking up those items easy and convenient.
o If you’re looking for something specific you can find it by searching at the top and filtering your results by location, category or price.

Courtesy: Facebook Marketplace

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