RW Garcia Chips & Crackers

It’s summer…
And, it’s so easy to reach for foods that may taste good but, aren’t necessarily good for us. You can feel better about indulging in those salty snack cravings with RW Garcia chips & crackers.
Each and every RW Garcia chip and cracker is made with simple and clean ingredients and they never compromise on taste.
This summer, RW Garcia is really bringing the crunch with its new organic corn chips and organic crackers!
The new organic corn chips are delicious straight out of the bag or paired with your favorite dish.
You’ll also love these new, organic 3-seed artisan crackers, bursting with flavor and superfood benefits.
And the bean-infused tortilla chips are made with non-gmo corn and come in three varieties… all totally delicious.
RW Garcia snacks are available nationwide at Safeway, Ahold, Harris Teeter, Kroger and Costco stores.
And find them online at or check out to find a store near you.
Put some crunch in your summer!