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Valentine’s day not go as well as you hoped?, a leading online dental and health savings marketplace in the U.S., might have the answer.

According to their national survey, the top relationship deal-breakers include having a jealous ex, not having a job and having bad breath.

Most people believe women take better care of their teeth — and they’re right. 73 percent of women brush twice a day compared to only 64 percent of men. But that doesn’t stop the 25 percent of people who kiss their partner before rolling out of bed in the morning.

Both men and women are brushing and flossing more now than they were in 2015 when did the same survey, but fewer people are going to the dentist for regular checkups. Is the rising cost of dental care to blame? If cost is an issue consider a dental savings plan an affordable alternative to traditional dental insurance. Get the care you need and deserve. And keep that breath smelling fresh!

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