Singer, songwriter and producer Linda Perry has founded two record labels and composed and produced hit songs, including “Beautiful” for Christina Aguilera and “Get the Party Started” for P!nk. The Grammy-nominated Songwriter Hall of Fame inductee was first known as a lead-singer, fronting 4 Non Blondes in the 1990s, a popular band that produced numerous hits.

Today, the music icon is here to discuss her latest collaboration with Intuit QuickBooks and it’s new ‘BACKING YOU’ Campaign to spotlight the contributions made by independent workers who contribute so much to billion-dollar industries but are never seen, heard or celebrated. Behind every burgeoning industry – sports, entertainment, fashion, design et al – small businesses and individual workers play a major role in working hard to drive the success of companies’ artists, athletes and teams. This time, the focus is on the global music industry.

As part of its ‘BACKING YOU’ campaign launch, Ms. Perry is collaborating with Intuit QuickBooks to provide ongoing support for independent works and those who are just starting out in the music industry. Her latest venture, under the company name “We Are Hear,” is working with 14-year old YouTube sensation Willa Amai on her recent cover of “Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger,” helping Willa fulfil her destiny as an artist and solo contributor. The campaign will also celebrate the works of Perry, an entrepreneur, artist and independent record producer.

Get more information at Quickbooks.com or visit youtube.com/quickbooks to see the video.

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