Beesponsible Gifting and Living

There’s been a lot of buzz about bees lately. Did you know 1 in every 3 bites of food we eat relies on a pollinator? Bees are facing a number of challenges, which have caused a decline in the population. There’s a new brand of honey trying to do something about that, and it makes a great holiday gift and the perfect natural sweetener for new year, new you goals! Let me tell you about Bee Harmony Honey – a new premium honey brand that’s all about saving the bees.
Bee Harmony offers 23 different types of 100% raw honey, all of which are ethically sourced from trusted beekeepers who are committed to tending bees responsibly and produced using, Earth-loving practices.
Bee Harmony Honey’s most popular varieties, American Raw Berry, American Raw Clover, American Raw Orange Blossom, American Raw Wildflower and Brazilian Raw Organic are available on so you can take advantage of their quick-ship offerings for the perfect last minute gift.
OR, if you’re planning for your healthy resolution goals, you will find all 23 Bee Harmony Honey varieties, including some really special local and regional honeys like Midwest Raw Sunflower and Florida Raw Winterberry, online at
Bee Harmony Honey is more than a sweet gift – this product was actually created to support a Beesponsible movement, which aims to raise awareness of the threats facing bees and inspire people to actively participate in keeping bees a healthy and thriving part of our world.

* There are a lot of ways people can beesponsible – two easy things you can do are to purchase ethically sourced honey, like Bee Harmony Honey, and grow pollinator friendly plants. Put the two together and you’ll have a sweet hostess gift, a buzzworthy conversation starter and a way to help save the bees – talk about harmonious holiday giving!

* To learn more about beesponsible living and how you can “join the beevolution,” visit


Bees love us. They pollinate our fields, orchards and gardens. They bring sweetness to our lives. But bees are threatened and need our help. Bee Harmony® Honey is a new brand of premium honey that engages consumers to celebrate the deep connection we share with the bee. Made the way nature intended, Bee Harmony® uses responsible beekeeping practices and inspires consumers to actively participate in keeping bees a healthy and thriving part of our world. That’s why Bee Harmony® is The Beesponsible® Honey — created from the harmony of bees and people. For more information, visit

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