Fall is officially here and it’s time to dig out from all the clutter we amassed this summer. Do you really need four different beach umbrellas? De-cluttering from the past season is a great way to make some cash {and room!} for your favorite fall activities and holidays. Are you one of the lucky few with ample storage space? Pack away your unused seasonal items and sell them in the spring when demand may be higher and you can get more bang for your buck!

Facebook’s Deb Liu explains how we can utilize Marketplace to help de-clutter our homes and prepare for the new season. She will also explain how to use the service to find items on your shopping list right in your neighborhood!

Some of her tips include:
1. Give you garage or storage room a makeover and get rid of the beach umbrellas and camping equipment you didn’t use this summer.
With your children constantly outgrowing their clothing, fall is also an opportunity to buy and sell those seasonal items that will likely last your child only one year. Then, use your newly earned cash to buy them some new items for the cold weather, same goes for toys and games!
3. Decided to be adventurous and sign up for a fall intramural activity? Are all four of your children going out for soccer this year? Source gently used sporting equipment such as balls, shin guards or even a soccer net and watch the savings add up.
Need ideas for this year’s Halloween costume and decor? Save time and money and avoid multiple trips to the Halloween store by browsing and buying on Marketplace. You can also sell costumes from last year to pay for candy!
5. Fall means warm blankets, yummy baked goods and pumpkin everything! But do you have the bakeware to enjoy this season’s delights? Find inspiration and purchase that perfect pie dish that captures the flavor of the season

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