Check out style expert to The Vision Council’s Eyecessorize campaign Jenn Falik talking all things reading glasses for fall! Visit for more information.

Readers are glasses made ready-to-wear with lenses featuring a built-in lens magnification – typically ranging from +1 to +4 – to aid with up-close reading. They’re perfect options for those who need some help seeing the small text that’s splayed across books, newspapers, magazines, menus and more.

Jenn’s Tips for Choosing The Perfect Pair of Readers:

Firstly, make sure you pick the proper pair that’s in proportion to your face shape – always keep in mind that opposites attract when it comes to frames, so the shape of the frames should contrast with the shape of the face.

Secondly, make sure you understand what lens magnification is right for your eyes! The Vision Council recommends individuals have a comprehensive annual eye exam with an eyecare provider to determine what lens strength their eyes require.

Thirdly, choose readers that complement your existing style – or step out of the box, and opt for a pair that makes a statement! With so many great options available, there’s a pair out there for everyone. Just check out these cool options from eyeOs, Desert Sunglass, One Click Ventures and peepers by peeperspecs.

Anything goes when it comes to Fall Styles for readers! In terms of shapes, silhouettes ranging from cat-eyes, to funky squares, to vintage rounds, to classic rectangles, to softened squares are all the rage, plus pops of vibrant colors – think reds, oranges, yellows, purples and blues – with classic tortoise in the mix. But the real fun is in the details. You name it, these readers have it, with sparkly and translucent finishes, clip-on lenses, striped and confetti patterns, and bold color blocking taking center stage. I’m loving the pairs here today from eyebobs, Colors in Optics, Scojo New York and Ann Taylor.

Visit for information about the styles seen here, plus more eyewear tips and trends.

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