Michele Wisher from Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Parks joins us for a look inside one of the new “Glam-Cabins” you’ll find at Camp Jellystone.

We’re seeing a big increase in younger families starting to camp. They want to enjoy the outdoors but they want resort resort-like accommodations like this. They want to stay connected to their friends and families, so Jellystone Parks have great WiFi and of course lots of amenities, like water parks and organized activities.

This “Glam-Cabin” is a great example of how Jellystone Park is making camping appealing to a whole new generation of families, especially those with young children.
Jellystone Park is joining with other industry partners to support the National Wildlife Federation’s 13th annual Great American Campout. This summer-long event celebrates camping as a way to connect with nature and wildlife. We’re encouraging everyone to pledge to camp this summer, whether in a park, a campground, an RV or even your backyard.

Pledging is free, go to our website, or use the hash tag jellystone park to pledge. You’ll even be entered into a sweepstakes. Prizes include a free RV and free camping.

Our goal is 150,000 pledges.
There’s still plenty of time to plan a summer camping trip. There are about 80 Jellystone Parks across the country. We have lots of helpful ideas for families at

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