If you’ve never seen an episode of Coffee With America, this is one you WILL NOT want to miss!  Hosts Ebony Steele and Sasha Rionda have some really fun segments for you.  First off– who doesn’t love dessert?  We all do, right?  Chef Charles Chen is here with some fabulous desserts that will cool you summer cravings, but without all the calories.

After all the summer fun, we have to clean up (whether we want to or not!).  Clean Mama Becky Rapinchuk and Interior Designer Tracy Metro stop by with some quick and easy tips to keep the house presentable all summer, so that you can enjoy family and friends.

Now that summer is here, we’re all looking for ways to beat the heat and still look great! Beauty Expert Kate De Ponte shares her top beauty steals to help you survive the summer swelter.  Dr. Craig Teller, one of the flagship Dermatologists with SkinCeuticals, is in-studio.  He shares details on what Atmospheric Skin Aging is, and how we can combat it.  Plus, mother of 6 and author Colleen Burns-Harristhal breaks down her tricks to help moms survive the summer.

And, we have more news you can use.  Facebook’s Emily Dalton Smith explains how you can do a personal fundraiser on Facebook and what makes this method unique.  Anna De Souza shares a few of her top picks– out of this year’s Products of the Year Award winners and Michelle Jerson shows you some must-have items before you and the family hit the road for the next road trip.

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