Join Sasha Rionda for this week’s all-new Coffee With America. This week we’re getting more from the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show! CES gives you a glimpse at the future of technology with the latest advancements in cell phones, appliances, home security, automobiles and more.  We are covering all the bases with the help of Mario Armstrong, Gadget Girl Jamie Sorcher and Marc Saltzman.  Plus, never-before-seen automobiles at the Detroit Auto Show.  Auto Expert Nik Miles and’s Micah Muzio take us to the show room floor.

Lifestyle Expert Nicole Young joins us with a hip, fun take on Super Bowl snacks.  And, we have some great tips to help you and your family be well and succeed with your New Year’s resolutions. Dietitian Annessa Chumbley shows how making a simple swap to Organics can help you with your health goals. And, Nutrition Expert Jessica Levinson explains how micro-workouts and a multivitamin will help you stick to your resolutions.

And, do you know you have a choice when it comes to your child’s education? President of National School Choice Week, Andrew Campanella, tells us more.

Stick around for this fun and information-filled show! Thanks for watching Coffee With America!

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