Colleen Burns Shares her Spring Cleaning Hacks

Colleen Burns, is not only an author and journalist– she’s also the mother of six – yes six – boys all under the age of 19. How does she do it? Colleen joins us to reveal her spring cleaning tips and how explain how she transitioned from news to ‘MOMARCHY’! Colleen also has some creative suggestions on how to get your family involved in spring cleaning chores. If you’re starting to lose the motivation to dive into spring cleaning, Colleen can help with her unique and interesting view on motherhood.

· COOL TOOLS: Way to use power to make difficult jobs easy
· TIME SAVERS: Special hacks to save time and accomplish cleaning goals
· GERM CLEAN: The importance of making clean equal being germ free
· FAMILY: Why a family that cleans together appreciate mom…and dad

SPOKESPERSON BACKGROUND: Burns is the founder of The Mom on The Run blog. As the mother of 6 boys, ages 8 to 19, Colleen knows how to survive a hectic summer. She is also a former reporter and anchor for a national news network and covered local beats for CBS affiliates in Illinois and Minnesota. She was the producer for the nationally syndicated Emmy Award winning show Smarter Living, and a regular contributor for PBS and The Weather Channel. Colleen is also the co-author of a best-selling book, ‘MOMARCHY: Why Moms Rule the World.’

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