Data privacy is something many people have concerns over, and Facebook would like to address this.
Facebook’s Chief Privacy Officer, Erin Egan, discusses the company’s latest efforts to put people in control of their privacy on Facebook. She’ll share some helpful privacy tips, including:

· Give yourself a privacy checkup. Privacy Checkup helps you review who you’re posting to, manage or delete apps you’ve connected to your account, and edit the privacy of information on your profile.
· Take control of the ads you see: Ad Preferences shows you interests and information that influence the ads you see, and helps you manage this information.
· Run a security checkup. Security Checkup helps you make your account even more secure. You can log out of unused apps, get login alerts and protect your password.
· Know your audience. The audience selector tool lets you decide who you share with for every post.
· If you don’t like something, delete it. You can use Facebook’s Activity Log to review your entire timeline and delete old posts.

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