Famed Marathoner Kathrine Switzer Embarks On New Journey To Champion Seniors At The 2017 National Senior Games

**Switzer’s Participation Focused On Encouraging Seniors To Adopt A Healthy Lifestyle**

Kathrine Switzer was the first woman to run the Boston Marathon in 1967 as a numbered entry despite attempts to drag her off the course because she was a woman. This June, she will continue to make history as she participates in and supports the 2017 National Senior Games for the first time.

On the eve of the 2017 National Senior Games, Kathrine Switzer wants to prove that by having an optimistic outlook on aging, anything is possible. Switzer is a living embodiment of ‘aging with optimism’ and has been inspiring others to embrace a healthy body and mind since her first Boston Marathon. As someone who has already defied stereotypes, she is ready, at age 70, to prove that seniors want to grow, not fade.

As Americans age, one element seems to be key for their physical and mental health: optimism. There is growing evidence[1] to suggest that ageism is a social determinant of health, and may negatively impact health outcomes for aging Americans.

This June, Switzer will kick off her next journey by participating in the 2017 National Senior Games in Birmingham, Ala. In this satellite interview, she will discuss how she is championing aging with optimism, inspiring others to do the same, and her plans of sharing the stories of Senior Games athletes who have broken boundaries and defied stereotypes. She’ll also offer up some easy ways that our nation’s seniors can adjust their daily lives to live a bit healthier.

Some of her tips include:
· The first time you step outside to start your walking program, we suggest wearing a watch; a comfortable, broken-in pair of shoes; and layers of clothing you can remove as you warm up.
· It’s not necessary to walk every day as a beginner; but try for three times a week and know in the future you’ll be aiming for more. And don’t go too far, too fast.
· Keep a record of how far you went; this is extremely important as it keeps you honest and is motivating when you see how far you’ve gone. Put a monthly calendar page up on the refrigerator door so you see it every day.
· You’re never too old, slow or overweight to begin to run! Feel the joy.
· Diets alone don’t work, exercise does. Running burns more calories faster than anything else

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