FilmStruck is a subscription on-demand service developed by Turner Classic Movies (TCM) that offers film lovers a comprehensive library of films, hard-to-find gems and cult favorites.

* FilmStruck is the exclusive streaming home to the Criterion Collection.

* FilmStruck provides a fully curated experience as each film is hand-picked by film experts, shown commercial-free and just as the director intended – giving you, the audience, a front row seat.

* There are films for lovers of all genres—horror, romance, musicals, foreign and plenty more—you won’t find these selections easily anywhere else.

* This holiday season, FilmStruck is offering an exclusive promo with ROKU: with a purchase of a yearly subscription ($99) you’ll receive a ROKU Express. With FilmStruck’s streaming access and ROKU Express’ swift setup, this is a perfect packaged deal for both movie lovers and jetsetters in your life.

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