Learn how to run a successful personal fundraiser on Facebook!  Facebook’s Emily Dalton Smith shares tips and tricks to raise money for causes important to you.

People raise hundreds of millions of dollars every year to help someone, or something that means a lot to them. In fact, over one-in-five Americans (22%) have contributed to a personal fundraiser online. Personal fundraisers are held for all kinds of reasons – to support a person in need, a sick pet, community improvements and education needs. And this type of fundraising effort has been gaining in popularity in recent years because social media makes it easier than ever before.

But what’s the best way to go about raising money for a cause that’s near and dear to your heart? Where do you turn? How do you get started? Here to tell us all about it is the head of Facebook’s social good partnerships, Emily Dalton Smith.

Some of Emily’s tips for running a successful online fundraiser include:
· Invite your friends: On average, top fundraisers invite at least 350 people to their fundraiser.
Encourage sharing: People who don’t know you directly are more likely to donate if their friends have also donated. One recent fundraiser that was shared over 9,000 times raised over $1 million
Engage with your supporters: Share updates to your fundraiser several times a week and thank your donors! Your supporters are more likely to participate and share your fundraiser when you keep them engaged. The most successful creators post at least twice per week.

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