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Gadget Girl Jamie Sorcher Talks Summer Travel
Memorial Day is the unofficial kick-off to the summer travel season. This year, AAA anticipates 34.6 million Americans (more than 88 percent of holiday travelers) will be on the road this Memorial Day weekend, an increase of 2.4 percent from last year.

Whether you’re travelling to the beach, the mountains or even just locally to a friend’s backyard for a party or picnic, it probably means getting in the car and tackling traffic, crowds, and possibly the heat.

With Memorial Day travel at its highest level since 2005, tech expert Jamie Sorcher is joining us to share some tech and safety tips for a hassle-free holiday weekend.

Jamie Discusses:
· Stress-Free Travel – Jamie will discuss and demo travel apps and software that will allow for easier and stress-free road trips – including a new app that lets you pay for your gas on your Apple Watch, mobile device or in your connected car.
· Plan and Prepare – Jamie will show & discuss the important tools to include in a “roadside emergency kit”.
· Entertainment Options – Jamie will discuss ways to keep the family entertained, including collaborative playlists.

Interview Provided by – ExxonMobil

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