Registered Dietitian Liz Weiss Shares Tips on Eating Healthy Through the Summer Swelter

The winter has been ROUGH for most of us, no matter where we live, and many of us are anxious to bask in the glow of the sunshine and head out to enjoy the joys of the warmer weather and all those summer foods and treats! We all know that to much of a good thing can sometimes be bad but with the right eating plan that R.D. Liz Weiss has for us we can’t fail!

Liz Weiss, MS, RDN is an award-winning broadcast journalist, healthy food blogger, and spokesperson. She is the co-author of three cookbooks: The Smoothie Bowl Coloring Cookbook, No Whine with Dinner, and The Moms’ Guide to Meal Makeovers. Liz champions good nutrition on her podcast, Cooking with the Moms, and on her website, where she shares healthy “makeover” recipes and practical mealtime advice for families. For nearly two decades, Liz wrote and reported on nutrition and health for CNN, PBS, and ABC Boston. Currently, she hosts the “Meal Makeovers” cooking segment on CNN Accent Health, which runs in 30,000 doctor’s office waiting rooms nationwide. She has written for numerous publications including Nick Jr. Family Magazine, Kiwi, and Relish magazine and has appeared as a guest on TODAY, CNN Headline News, the Food Network, FOX News, Good Morning America, and many more. Liz lives in Lexington, MA with her husband and two sons.

Among the topics Liz will discuss are:

* Making healthy eating a priority during our busy summer schedules
* The importance of hydration and nutrition
* Healthy eating advice for every member of the family
* And more!

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