When you think of Summer hair…
You think “quick” and “easy”, right?
But, you still want something that’s going to nourish your hair and make it look great.
That’s why we love Roux Fanci-Full Instant Hair Color Rinse.
It allows you to quickly blend grays, camouflage roots, and even tones.
And, it works with no peroxide or ammonia.
That’s important!
That means it won’t damage your hair.
Plus– it washes out easily in one to 3 shampoos.
And, you’ll love the 13 natural looking colors… like Bashful Blond, Silver Lining, Chocolate Kiss, And Plush Brown.
And, now’s a great time to try it.
Through the end of July—get 4-dollars off, when you buy any bottle of Roux Fanci-Full Instant Hair Color Rinse!
And, they look great—with this new packaging.
So—get yours now… in your local Sally Beauty Store!

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