Healthy Vision Month with Tech Expert Katie Linendoll

Top Tech & Lifestyle Expert Partners with Zenni Optical to Share Important Info about the Dangers Caused by TV, Computers & Smartphones

May is Healthy Vision Month, an observance coordinated by the National Eye Institute, to encourage Americans to take care of their eyes and protect their vision. While most of the efforts to preserve eye health are focused on eye exams, sunglasses or protective eyewear, one very significant everyday threat has been somewhat overlooked. If you work on a computer, use a smartphone, watch TV, or simply go out in the sun, you are being exposed to high-energy visible (HEV) blue light. Too much blue light exposure can damage the eyes over time and even lead to vision loss.

On May 15, tech and lifestyle expert Katie Linendoll will explain how new blue light blocking technology has been developed to alleviate the most common effects of too much blue light exposure that can cause eye strain, blurred vision, and headaches. Linendoll, who wears glasses, is also partnering with Zenni Optical to show people that you don’t have to sacrifice style to take better care of your eyesight.

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Courtesy: Zenni Optical

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