Travel Safely with Your Pets this Summer

Summer is right around the corner which means families nationwide are gearing up for road trip season! And what is a family road trip without our four-legged friends along for the ride. As American families grow and need more space, the popularity of the 3-row SUV has taken off. Pair that with the fact that more than half of American pet owners travel with their pets and it becomes even more crucial for pet owners to take proper safety measures to identify the safest places for pets to travel, based on the unique design of these SUVs.
Subaru understands that pet safety is important to their drivers, as over two-thirds (68%) are pet owners, with 48% of them owning at least one dog. To ensure the safety of travelers with two or four legs, Subaru of America has once again partnered with the Center for Pet Safety to determine exactly where pets should be secured in 3-row vehicles.
The Center for Pet Safety founder and CEO, Lindsey Wolko is here to share her expertise on travelling with pets and reveal the safest place in the car for Fido, ensuring the entire family’s safety.
Some of her tips include:
Always secure your pet during travel and never drive with your pet on your lap or in the front seat
It is recommended to visit your local vehicle dealer for a test drive and fitting with your pet prior to purchase
Recommendations for where to place your pet based on size
Placement of pets when children are also in the vehicle
Product recommendations to properly secure your pets during travel
Tips on what to pack for your pet when traveling

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