Holiday Hosting Hacks with James Briscione: Episode 905

From tree trimming to house cleaning and food preparations, hosting the holidays can make even the most seasoned host feel overwhelmed. Celebrating the season with family and friends doesn’t have to drain your energy or your pockets. With some smart planning and a few hosting hacks you’ll be ready for your festive fete with time to spare!

Chef and entertaining expert, James Briscione shares his secrets from how to get organized, plan ahead, and clean up like a pro! Simplify the hosting duties while still being able to relax and be a guest at your own party!


Research: If you’re traveling during the holiday season, do your homework and understand all your options before booking.
The Spread: Special occasions call for a special main dish and nothing ties a holiday dinner together like a classic holiday ham.
Make It or Buy It? A beautiful holiday spread can be a mix of store bought and homemade foods. It’s better to focus your attention on one or two recipes, then find a little help on the rest in the aisles of your local supermarket.
Seasonal Suds: With flu season is in full swing, hand washing is key to keeping germs at bay. Stock up on holiday scented soaps and keep them in bathrooms and the kitchen for guests to wash up before and after dinner.