Make the Most of Outdoor Travel Month

National Geographic recently updated their list of top national parks, with Yellowstone, Zion and Glacier National Park topping the charts. Between these rankings and June being Great Outdoors Month, now is a great time to get ready for a summer adventure. And, while we all enjoy these “bucket list” trips that seem to flood our social feeds, how many Americans are actually going on summer vacations? Studies show that Americans go on nearly 1.3 million business trips across the country every year. Yet, when it comes to leisure travel, 54 percent of Americans don’t take all their vacation days because they fear falling behind at work.

With summer upon us, many Americans will likely be traveling for commitments like visiting family or traveling with their kids’ sports teams instead of leisure trips. These are known as real travel occasions or “obli-cations.” And if your obli-cation happens to be en route to a national park, what better time than now to explore an outdoor vacation.

Travel expert Julie Loffredi is available to provide tips on how to combine an enjoyable outdoor summer adventure with an obligatory trip. Her tips include:

RESEARCH YOUR DESTINATION: If you have to make a trip to visit family, take advantage of local national parks en route to your destination. Research new biking and hiking trails and other outdoor activities that national parks are known for.

DOWNLOAD TRAVEL APPS: Before a trip, download apps to help you along the way. Avoid traffic jams. Find the best places to eat and visit. Keep updated on airline delays or travel hiccups.

MAKE IT EASY: While what to do and what park to visit might be top-of-mind, where to stay should be easy. Travelers should seek a hotel that allows them to spend their money on outdoor activities and offers a comfortable, friendly and reliable stay.

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