National Picnic Month with KFC’s Bob Das

If you’re like most Americans, chances are you’ve been on a least one picnic this summer. However, if you haven’t, then you really should pack a basket and find a great outdoor space for a tasty meal, according to KFC Head Chef Bob Das. Chef Bob has traveled the nation for 19 years looking for great recipes and new menu items. He’s seen some great food, so this super chef is sharing some of the lessons he’s learned for creating a great picnic. You should also know that there is a minor controversy over whether National Picnic Month is July or August, so Chef Bob is pushing both months to celebrate one of America’s favorite summer past times. Let one of America’s great chefs teach your viewers and listeners for the art of picnicking!

VARIETY MEAL THRILLS—Tasty new recipes that provide something for everyone

GOURMET SECRETS–Adding spice and class to every meal

FAMILY FUN—The importance of bringing family and friends together for a picnic

CHEF CLEANUP TIPS—Tips for easy cleanup after picnic experience is over

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