New Study Shows How Americans Feel about the Future with Top Economist Jim Glassman

Important Analysis from 2018 JPMorgan Chase Business Leaders Outlook Survey from Jim Glassman, Sr. Economist at JPMorgan Chase

The stock market is seeing record gains, unemployment is as low as it’s been in decades and, now, a new study is out showing that business leaders are extremely optimistic about the future. Jim Glassman, one of the top economists in the nation, will joins us to answer questions and analyze the results of the 2018 JPMorgan Chase Business Leaders Outlook Survey. Glassman is a Senior Economist for JPMorgan Chase. He’s been providing insights that are used by companies and industries to help them better understand the changing economy and its impact on their businesses for decades. More important, he’ll explain the challenges of a growing economy and how it will impact your viewers and listeners. We hope you share this important interview with your audience.

Why the economic outlook is optimistic and business expectations are high?
With the tight labor market will employers be able to find qualified talent?
The global economic outlook what that means in the U.S.?
How recent tax reform and the relaxed regulatory environment is impacting businesses – and what they plan to do with tax savings?

SPOKESPERSON BACKGROUND: Glassman is long-standing participant in the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia’s Survey of Professional Forecasters and the National Association of Business Economists’ (NABE) panel of macroeconomic forecasters. In his current role at JPMorgan Chase, Glassman’s insights are used by companies and industries to help them understand the changing economy. From 1979 to 1988, he previously served as a Senior Economist in the Research & Statistics and Monetary Affairs departments at the Federal Reserve Board in Washington, DC. He has a master’s degree in Economics from the University of Illinois at Chicago and a Ph.D. in Economics from Northwestern University.

Courtesy: JPMorgan Chase & Co.

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