Fresh Snacks In Your Frozen Food Aisle with Ceci Carmichael

America is a nation of snackers with 91 percent of consumers snacking multiple times throughout the day. Snacking accounts for at least half of all eating occasions. And, as the boundary between meals and snacks blur, our eating culture continues to evolve, leaving Americans to search beyond the chip for more interesting varieties of snack fare.

Luckily for us, there’s a plethora of frozen fare that meets the needs and expectations of the new snacking revolution. Whether you are looking for small meals, appetizers, small plates, snacks for the family or snacks for a crowd, there are plenty of savory frozen snacking options available.

In time for National Frozen Food Month in March, lifestyle expert Ceci Carmichael is here to tell us about the latest innovations in frozen snacks, the benefits of choosing frozen foods, time-saving snack recipes and details about a new, national sweepstakes offer. She will discuss everything from the good ole reliable sporting event favorites like pizza, wings, sliders and meatballs, to their healthier counterparts of frozen fruit, edamame, organic and gluten-free options.

37% of the time, a snack provides one of three key meals of the day.
Many nutritionists recommend small meals multiple times a day to keep the metabolism working efficiently.
Snacks provide a lot of flexibility for busy families – they require low or no preparation and more easily satisfy the needs for quick and easy small meals..
Snacking gives consumers a chance to easily explore new kinds of foods, and new brands.
Snacks make entertaining easy …and are perfect for crowds watching sporting events like March Madness.

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