Pre-Summer Financial Checkup with Unum & Laura Adams


Did you know that although the financial markets have been performing relatively well lately, America’s workforce is still financially fragile? According to a recent study by employee benefits company, Unum, nearly half (49%) of adults had less than $1,000 in savings. In that same study, 49% also experienced anxiety about their finances in the past year. So, while relaxing and unwinding during your upcoming summer vacation is important, it’s also a good time to do a quick financial checkup for your family.

Personal finance expert, Laura Adams, discusses everything from saving to spending within reason. She’ll help walk you through a mid-year monetary checkup and help get you on track for a strong financial future.

Some of her tips include:
Check your emergency savings: Having extra money set aside is how to survive an unexpected financial emergency. Build a cash reserve by regularly saving small amounts and increase the rate over time.
Plan for the unexpected: Whether it’s a car accident, health problem or death in the family, there are some simple and affordable ways, such as disability and life insurance, to assure you are protected.
Have fun without breaking the bank: More than half of American workers end every year with unused vacation days. Be sure to take some time off. Even on a tight budget, you can get away.

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