Tax Tips with Liberty Tax’s Brian Ashcraft

Top Tax Compliance Expert Tackled Your Questions on Reform, Refunds, Risk, and Returns

The many tax reform changes have people and tax experts scrambling to meet the new rules. The number of tax rates was reduced to three, the standard married deduction was doubled, and many valuable tax breaks were reduced, including eliminating personal exemptions worth $4,050 per person. So, with time running out, we have one of the top tax compliance experts in the country to answer questions about everything from returns to reform to even the risk of being audited. Brian Ashcraft is currently Regional Director and a former Director of Tax Compliance for Liberty Tax Service. There is also the repeal of the Alternative Minimum Tax, which hits filers making between $200K and $1M.

FILE ONLINE—Prevent costly math errors using automatic software
TAX PREPARER—Don’t miss deductions that could potentially save you money
OWE MONEY—Don’t forget increased child tax credits and new business deductions
PAY MORE—If self-employed, why you should pay more in your final tax payment

SPOKESPERSON BACKGROUND: As Regional Director for Liberty Tax Service, Ashcraft is responsible for developing systems and processes to help franchisees and their tax preparers meet rigorous compliance standards. He began his career as a tax preparer and office manager, a part-time job he took while he was a pastor at South Point Church in Salt Lake City, Utah. Ashcraft has a bachelor’s degree in finance from Georgia State University; a master’s degree in divinity from Southwest Baptist Theological Seminary, and an MBA from Western Governors University. The Georgia native and his wife, Erica, have three children.

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