Tips for Women Travelers from Veteran Journalist Patricia Schultz

Top Trips & Tips for Women Travelers: What all women should know before they hit the road

In the U.S. perhaps nothing captured the attention of more Americans in 2017 than the rise of women’s voices. Women are embracing empowerment and travel is no exception. According to the Travel Industry Association, an estimated 32 million single American women traveled at least once in the last year. If you’re looking to embark on a spiritual interlude in India, or explore medieval cities on a journey through Tuscany and Rome, it’s time to join 86 percent of women surveyed who are not afraid to travel, regardless of what’s happening in the world today.

According to a recent survey:
Traveling makes women feel on top of the world with 1 in 3 women feeling that they can accomplish anything after traveling (35%)
The vast majority of women believe traveling has made them more independent (73%) and inspired (69%)
Traveling opens the eyes and minds of women – with over half feeling more open to meeting people after traveling (58%)
Traveling empowers and creates strength – nearly half of women feel that traveling has made them stronger (73%)

In time for the Women’s History Month, travel journalist, Patricia Schultz joins us to discuss why women travel, how traveling empowers women, and tips for women travelers. She will also discuss some unique adventures and top experiences – everything from celebrating like a queen with a trip to Ireland in a fairytale castle, to a great adventure that tests your limits in the rugged desert landscapes of the Grand Canyon.

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