Travelgirl Editor Stephanie Oswald Shares Top Tips

For students and families alike, spring break goes hand in hand with sun and fun. However, it often also means big crowds and higher prices. Internationally recognizedtravel expert and Editor-In-Chief of Travelgirl Magazine, Stephanie Oswald, understands how easy it is to experience a travel mishap. Whether you’re traveling as a family or a beach bound college student, Stephanie will offer up her best tips to ensure your spring travel plans go smoothly.

Some of the unique and useful tips Stephanie can offer are:
Don’t procrastinate: Depending on your destination, you may find soaring prices and limited availability. If you want your fall travel to come in under budget, do your research and plan early!
Be prepared: An emergency can rack up that credit card bill or wipe out your savings. Travel insurance is a smart investment.
Spend and save: Reevaluate your credit cards to find the rewards program that works for you and your family- from airline points for your next vacation to lodging and activities get the most for the purchases you make.
BYOS. (Bring Your Own Snacks) Food and beverages are one of the biggest expenses on a vacation. Make sure your lodging has a fridge and microwave available, and you can save money by packing snacks.
Do your travel Spring cleaning: Update all luggage tag contact info, repair anything broken, toss out anything that’s seen its fair share of journeys. While you’re at it, check your IDs for expiration dates and renew as needed.

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