The Lovely Candy Company continues to build on its early success in caramels, fruit
chews and licorice.

The company, founded in 2013 in Chicago by entrepreneur Mike Nakamura and his wife Jackie, launched its candies in May, 2013. Since that time The Lovely Candy Company has struck a chord with national retailers and regional grocers, which are eager for top-quality products that speak to a growing number of consumers who have food sensitivities, allergies or are conscientious about their food ingredients.

OUR STORY: The journey started when Jackie asked her husband, Mike to go on a quest for her favorite candy… licorice. Hers was a special request – it needed to be consciously crafted with select ingredients, as well as gluten and GMO free. What began with licorice, evolved into a plethora of delicious family favorites (Caramels, Fruit Chews, and now Chocolate!). Lovely was started with hopes to sweeten a lovely wife’s and families’ world – and yours too!

OUR BRAND POSITION: To the ingredient conscious consumer, The Lovely Candy Company is the delicious, consciously crafted candy you love
and enjoy, that gives you the best tasting, smart indulgence.


Are certified gluten-free, kosher, and 3rd party verified non-gmo
Are free from:
•Artificial Colors
•Artificial Ingredients
•High Fructose Corn Syrup
•Trans Fats

OUR HONEY TRUFFLES: Just two or three ingredients! – Raw Honey, Natural Extracts, and Pure 99% Dark Chocolate Liqueur. The honey is thick and smooth with no messy drips, and the chocolate is crisp with the right amount of bitterness for a balanced and healthful treat. Also dairy free!

Customers can buy any of our products at Lovely Candy Company

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