When it comes to choosing the ultimate gifts for dads and grads, look no further. Emmy® Award winning technology and digital lifestyle commentator, Mario Armstrong will set you up with the perfect gift to express your appreciation and admiration…
Mario’s home improvement ideas:

· Why give anything less than the infinitely amazing Samsung Galaxy S8 – smart and beautiful
· Let Energizer light the way for your favorite dads and grads with their useful and versatile lighting products
· The Char-Broil Signature™ Gas Grill is must have for dads who know how to get the backyard party started
· For dads and grads who cherish a custom-made keepsake Personal Creations.com has perfect gifts to last a lifetime
· Celebrate with delectable treats for dads and gorgeous gifts for grads from Shari’s Berries
· For enterprise level security for your network and smart devices Dojo from BullGuard is a must have for dads, grads and everyone

Mario Armstrong, Emmy® award winner, digital lifestyle trends and technology commentator, has made it his mission to better people’s lives through technology. Mario is the tech expert for TODAY and Weekend TODAY. On his blog and in his commentary, Mario is known for his ability to bridge the gap between tech enthusiasts and those less technologically savvy. Because of his unique ability to simplify technology, Mario has made a name for himself as the “go to commentator” for many national TV and radio shows when they need an expert to translate a new technology or trend.

Sponsored by Samsung, Energizer, Char-Broil, Personal Creations, Shari’s Berries, BullGuard

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