Visa Healthcare with Wes Moss

The 2019 open enrollment period is here and now is the time to start making important choices about healthcare coverage for you and your family.

Financial Advisor and author Wes Moss shares some timely tips and new research data to help you take control of your medical expenses, be more informed, and save money in the new year.

As the host of MONEY MATTERS, the nation’s longest running, live call-in financial investment show, Moss is an expert at helping people prepare for the future through money-saving strategies, such as Health Savings Accounts (“HSA”) and Flexible Saving Accounts (“FSA”).

Learn how Visa can help make payments easy through a Visa healthcare card linked to an FSA or has plan, saving you time and paperwork.

TAX SMART–Using pre-tax dollars to pay for out-of-pocket expenses
RESEARCH—Studies show companies contribute an average $654 per employee HSA
CO-PAYS & DEDUCTIBLES—What you can pay for with FSA or HSA debit cards
HEALTH NEEDS—How to save on everything from smoking cessation programs to dental cleaning and eye exams

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