This week on Coffee With America, host Sasha Rionda has some stress-free tips to get parents and kids get back into that back-to-school routine.  Mother of 6 and author Colleen Burns explains how she does it.  Plus, Emily Foley  and Kate De Ponte share their her back-to-school essentials.

Lifestyle and Tech expert Katie Linendoll is here with “What’s cool for back to school!” And, toy industry expert Elizabeth Werner is taking a look at some toys that teach.

The summer will fly by way too quickly!  So, take advantage of it!  Kristen Hewitt joins us with some #realtravel tips.  And, Martha Stewart Editor Darcy Miller joins us for the first time on Coffee With America.  She explains how you can create a fabulous backyard BBQ! And, no outdoor event would be complete without a nice big glass of lemonade!  Lifestyle Expert Nicole Young shares how she puts an “adult twist” on this American favorite!

And, we can’t forget that the Summer and Fall is also Hurricane Season.  This week, we’re giving you expert tips on how to prepare for the season to protect your family and property!

Thanks for joining us!  Please enjoy this week’s Coffee With America!

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