Fall Fashion for Less with Amy Goodman

Each season brings new fashion trends and the hottest must-haves styles but shopping retail can be an expensive undertaking.

Luckily, fashion expert Amy E. Goodman shares how to score a new fall wardrobe– from staples such as jeans, sweaters, and boots to the latest off-the-runway trends – all for under $200 by shopping consignment!

•START WITH DENIM: Whether you are looking for flares, skinnies, jeggings, or dad jeans, starting with a great pair of jeans is the perfect way to start building out your fall wardrobe.
•MIX IN FALL STAPLES: Who doesn’t love a good cardi….or three or four? Shopping via consignment gives you chance to scoop up multiple pieces for the cost of that one leopard cardi seen on influencers everywhere!
•STATEMENT PIECES: Designer bags can set you back thousands, but there are great ways to find an authentic purse for up to 90% off.
•ADOPT THE LATEST TRENDS: Snakeskin is everywhere this fall, but it can be pricey and will likely be a trend gone by next season. Learn how to try out this trend guilt free this fall.