Back-to-School Routine with Colleen Burns

Whether you’re heading to your freshman year of college or your first year of elementary school, preparing for back to school means more than just number two pencils and notebooks. In addition to the basics, kids heading back to school this year have a dizzying assortment of needs, resources and products available to choose from. For parents who may feel overwhelmed at the prospect of what their kids need, national consumer expert Colleen Burns provides the latest tips and tools necessary for back to school — everything from ensuring you take that last-minute family vacation when dropping the kids off at college to what every student needs in their backpacks and lunchboxes to stay fueled.

Some of Colleen’s tips will include:
Get away: Try to squeeze in a last-minute family vacation! They are so important not only for reducing stress, but for bonding and making memories
Strong Starts: Make sure you start the day with nutritious and balanced breakfast to give kids the energy they need to stay fueled and focused throughout the school day.
Meal prep: Preparing lunches and snacks the night before with your children will save time, and gives you the opportunity to send them to school with a well-balanced meal and delicious snack.
Supply Run: Do a supply sweep and asses what you need for the year. Back-to-school sales start a bit earlier each year. You can spread your purchases throughout the summer to avoid a huge hit to your monthly budget.