Fear of FOMO with XiXi Yang

All too often, we might be fixating on interesting and exciting events that are happening elsewhere – resulting in a well-known condition referred to as “FOMO” or “fear of missing out” – this can range from experiences, activities, beauty tips, fashion trends and so much more.

Television personality XiXi Yang, known for her candid interview style and established rapport on the red carpet, shares her tips to avoid FOMO. When it comes to events, activities and even fashion and beauty tips, XiXi has a guidebook to staying in the “know.”

Specifically, XiXi tells us:

• The Best Tools To Always Be In The Know: XiXi has great ways to always be in the know for the best the events and deals in your city.

• Deal and Steals You Can’t Miss: XiXi will share how to find the best deals in town on dining and attractions.

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