We love to have fun on Coffee With America. But, we also have our finger on the pulse of the nation and what people are talking about. On this week’s show, we reveal the results of Allstate’s Heartland Poll and the key issues that voters are concerned about for the 2016 Elections. Plus, author Stephan Dinan shares his thoughts and the reason behind his new book “Sacred America, Sacred World.” And– we know you love your pets. Find out how to tell if your cat or dog is dehydrated. You have probably seen Collette McDonald on some of your favorite HGTV shows like “Priced to Sell” and “More Bang For The Buck.” Today, she’s in our studio with some advice on how you can get the most from buying or selling your home. Plus, Nicole Young is here with information on cutting the gluten from your skincare routine. It is a jam-packed show. Thank you for watching Coffee With America!

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