According to the CDC, all U.S. states but Hawaii continue to report widespread flu activity and the number of states experiencing “high influenza activity” Experts agree that even among the vaccinated, incidence of flu-like symptoms is at an all-time high. And the flu season has still weeks to go! Board-certified Family Medicine physician Dr. Victoria Dooley, MD has easy tips on how you can prevent the flu and reduce the length of the illness in case you do catch it.

Dr. Victoria Dooley, MD is a board-certified Family Medicine physician. Dr. Dooley’s dynamic personality and commanding stage presence make her sought after as an on-air health expert on numerous live radio and TV broadcasts. For over two years, she was a weekly contributing medical expert on Detroit’s ABC WXYZ-TV news. She also displays her passion for health education in print. Dr Dooley has published op-eds in The New York Times and is a contributing Huffington Post blogger.

Dr. Dooley will also be discussing:
Stocking up on essentials to protect and alleviate the flu and flu like symptoms
What meds to keep in your medicine cabinet
Must-haves to fight off germs and infections
Homeopathic remedies and OTC medicines
The best in vitamins and supplements
Keeping the home safe and germ-free
On-the-go essentials
The best go-to products for relief and comfort
Vitamin packed foods and recipes
And more!

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