Beloved Co-host Ebony Steele is saying “See you later” to Coffee With America.  This was her last show taping.  Ebony is moving on to pursue other avenues.  We loved working with Ebony and we’re sorry to see her go– but, we congratulate her on continuing her career with a new opportunity!  Here she says “goodbye” and thanks many of those who have helped her along the way.

Ebony says “This coming at a time in my life when, a lot people didn’t know that this is what I needed to uplift and move me on to the next phase.”

She also expresses her gratitude to Coffee With America for introducing her to a cherished and lifelong friend, co-host Sasha Rionda.

We’ll miss you Ebony! And, at Coffee With America, we will continue to be among your biggest fans!

You can continue to follow Ebony on her social media channels: Facebook, Twitter & Instagram @RealEbonySteele.

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