Get Your Home Ready for Fall with Skip Bedell

Fall is here, and holidays are coming, which means so are guests. TV personality and professional contactor Skip Bedell gets your home prepared for the changing seasons and cooler weather. Skip will start outside with the yard, getting the yard prepared for hibernation using the latest innovation. Next, he’ll show you the newest smart home leak detection technology to make sure no problems arise this fall/holiday season or beyond. Then he will talk about creating a moisture barrier and sealing the envelope to save money on heating bills, and prevent mold at home. All of these enhancements will protect and maintain the home, providing piece of mind for the busy holiday season that’s right around the corner.

PREVENT LEAKS/MOLD—How smart technology can prevent problems, stop leaks, control water flow and save thousands of dollars by preventing damage
YARD PREPS—Get the yard ready for the changing seasons using the smartest yard tool technology & innovations
SAVE MONEY & ENERGY—Seal home from moisture and cool air; save on energy bills
SMART TIPS—Smart ways to maintain a worry free home for the fall & holiday season