Visa Holiday Travel with Claudia Lombana

The travel and tourism industry continue to play a significant part in global economies. In 2017, more than 100 million Americans travelled during the holiday season. That number is expected to increase this year. The way we travel is changing, especially when it comes to how digital devices and how we pay.

A timely reminder that NOW is the time to book your holiday travel, especially if you plan to fly internationally. So, how do you get the best deals? Consumer expert Claudia Lombana shares some unique and important tips to help save money and find the best travel deals.

• CARDS OR CURRENCY—The many advantages of using Visa in other countries
• OPTIMAL BOOKING—Save big by booking from 3 weeks to even 3 months out
• EXTRA SAVINGS—Learn how flying on certain days can produce big savings
• HOLIDAY DESTINATIONS—Consider a twist on holiday travel and save big on trips to places like Rome, Bangkok and Seville

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