It’s the best time of year for outdoor entertaining – the kids are still out of school, summer is in full swing and you want to create some backyard memories! As a Martha Stewart editor, crafter and all around “party person,” this is right up my alley and I’d love to show you how to throw together a memorable BBQ in a snap!
The best elements of a backyard barbeque are friends and family, good food, refreshing drinks and maybe a couple of fun crafts for the kids and games that everyone can enjoy.
First – make your food and drinks Instagram worthy! Not that anyone will be taking photos, but you want it to look great and taste even better:
• Everyone loves a good burger – whether it is beef or a veggie burger – you can put out a “burger bar” with assorted toppings like different cheeses, condiments, onion, tomato, lettuce, and whatever else you love on a burger.
• And on a hot summer day, a refreshing drink is always in order! I’ve been partnering with IZZE FUSIONS and they’ve got some flavorful sparkling beverages in Strawberry Melon, Lemon Lime and Orange Mango. If you’d like to spruce things up for an occasion, we’ve got fun mix-ins like fresh fruit, herbs and even colorful custom straws with clip art that guests will love!
• Add some colorful ice pops and a fresh fruit platter – and your guests will be happy.
Next – if kids are joining, it’s always nice to have a few activities to keep them entertained.

For the full list of these how tos, crafts and games I’ve shared today, you can go to

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