Back-to-school season is in full swing! For those college-bound, it’s time to adjust to new routines. From dining halls to dorm rooms, conquering campus life can be challenging. Today we have Lifestyle Expert Chassie Post with her list of shopping essentials to help college students stay healthy and organized.

What are some of the most common eating mistakes college students make?

Not snacking properly! There are so many processed foods out there that don’t provide any nutritional benefits whatsoever. A great staple that college students should have on hand as a snack or light meal is Muuna, a new brand reimagining cottage cheese. Muuna’s rich and creamy cottage cheese cups with real pieces of fruit on the bottom are a perfect grab-and-go breakfast or snack. Muuna’s fruit varieties are packed with 15 grams of protein, are low in sugar and come in five delicious flavors including Pineapple, Strawberry, Blueberry, Mango and Peach. Muuna is also great for recipes! Check out this amazing Low-Fat Lemon Tuna Salad made with Muuna lowfat plain cottage cheese. You won’t miss the mayo in this lunchtime favorite! Keep the creaminess, but ditch the fat by substituting Lowfat plain Muuna cottage cheese for mayonnaise. Make a batch of this at the beginning of the week and you’ll have a hearty, protein-packed lunch whenever you need it. Visit for more recipes.

Heading to college also means incoming backpacks filled with heavy textbooks, laptops and more. You’ve now got a small space to spruce up without making major dents in your apartment or dorm room?

Here’s a truly exciting new product line that holds up to the challenge without the ‘hangxiety’ that comes with preparing your pad for school. High & Mighty is a series of wall hangers, decorative hooks and key rails that make home organization and décor accessible, easy and fun in three simple steps: Place. Push. Hang. No longer is there a need for hammers, screws, anchors or nails, and it’s the perfect solution to make a tiny room feel like “home” when campus-bound. The tool-free technology also means you’re safe from fines when you decide to move out at the end of the semester. And the best part is that High & Mighty products can support anywhere from 15 to 120 lbs.—have you ever seen a sticky hook do that? You can get these in-store or online at retailers including Lowe’s, Home Depot, Walmart, and Michael’s.
For those looking to keep their tech accessories connected and clean, look no further than Toddy Gear! Toddy Gear is known for designing and manufacturing stylish mobile accessories. Its Smart Cloth is the world’s first premium, dual-side microfiber cleaning cloth that removes dirt, grime and fingerprints from smartphones, tablets and more. The brand also creates stylish device stands, portable power packs and charge and sync cables. Learn more at

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