Compression socks and hose are no longer for grandma!

It was this vision and her desire to find colorful and fashionable compression hose that drove Alex
Reyes to collaborate with her brother Tomas Reyes to create Tramps Fashion Compression Hosiery®. This
collection of compression hosiery, knee and thigh highs has taken over the fashion-forward world with function
as well as beauty. Tramps is designed for today’s women, who lead active and demanding lives and who require
a product that addresses their health, comfort and fashion needs.

Tramps Hosiery offers light to medium medical-grade compression, without a doctor’s prescription, in a variety
of trending colors, original patterns and styles. Tramps Hosiery is especially designed to promote healthy
circulation for those people that work while standing and must take measures to protect their legs from spider
veins, poor circulation, blood pooling and clotting.

Unlike any other product in the market, Tramps offers an open toe “Thong” design for complete freedom in
the foot. This unique registered and copyrighted feature helps avoid disfigurement of the toes and prevents
the hosiery from sliding within the shoe. It also wears well with open toe shoes to maintain relevance to current
shoe trends.

Tramps Hosiery can be worn while at work, going out on the town, to cross-fit, dance or gym workouts, relaxing
at home, and especially during long-distance flights to help with swelling and blood pooling.
After many long hours, days and months, the brother-sister team churned out what is turning heads as a brand
new generation of support hose products. Fashionable hose
that will turn things around for the women that desire style
along with function in their everyday life.

“SIX REASONS YOU SHOULD BE WEARING COMPRESSION HOSIERY: What you may not know about grandma’s support hose”

For years you’ve seen grandmas wearing those ugly, drab support hose to relieve poor circulation or varicose veins and you think support hose are for old people right? WRONG.

Most young people are not aware of the benefits of wearing compression hosiery as our bodies do not visibly or physically indicate we need that type of support until we are older. However, support or compression hose actually offer health benefits for older people as well as young folks.

And today, the compression hosiery market is seeing an increase in colorful, modern and fashionable lines of support hose. Brands like Tramps Fashion Compression Hosiery offer medium medical grade compression without a prescription from your doctor. They also offer great new features such as an open-toe design, engineered panels that lift the buttocks, breathable fabric that keeps legs cool and the high waist feature which shapes the midsection without rolling or cinching. They come in high waist, hip hugger and maternity styles as well as knee and thigh highs.”
So, there’s no excuse for not taking preventative steps to protect your health.

Here’s Six Reasons Why You Should Be Wearing Compression Hosiery:

1. Healthy Blood Flow. Compression hosiery or socks are garments which compress the limbs, reducing the diameter of distended veins and causing an increase in healthy blood flow to the heart.

2. Heart Valve Effectiveness. Increased blood flow to the heart triggers stronger heart valve activity.

3. Balance Oxygen Levels in the Blood. An increase in blood circulation helps oxygen levels balance body function more naturally without chemicals or drug intake.

4. Prevents Swelling, Blood Pooling, Blood Clots. Wearing compression hosiery dramatically prevents swelling in the legs as well as the risk of blood pooling or blood clots.

5. Prevents Spider and Varicose Veins. Wearing compression hosiery dramatically decreases the risk of developing unsightly spider or varicose veins.

6. New Lines of Modern, Colorful and Fashionable Compression Hose Available. Brands like Tramps Fashion Compression Hosiery now offer beautiful, fashionable medical grade compression hose, without a doctor’s prescription.

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