One of the toughest tools in the home, may also be one of least understood.
A new survey provides some surprising information about garbage disposals, and some of the myths surrounding this kitchen work horse.
According to Moen research, more than 60 million homes have one of the toughest tools in the house – a garbage disposal. Moen’s Kelly Cavan says there are many disposal myths.
Kelly Cavan, Senior Marketing Communications Manager for Moen says “the biggest myth is that disposal blades need to be sharpened, but disposals don’t have blades. They have impellers that move food waste through the disposal system and never require sharpening. Many believe disposals are bad for the environment. In reality, Moen’s Vortex Permanent Magnet Motor Technology quickly grinds food into particles that are easily processed by water treatment systems – meaning less food in landfills.”

Another myth is putting lemons in a disposal to kill odors, because over time lemon acid can damage a disposal. It’s best to always run water while processing food.

Cavan says “with all the myths about disposal care we all just want a reliable, quality machine. Moen has a diverse selection of disposals available at the home depot, including ones with Moen’s Soundshield Insulation that helps deaden the noise of the disposal when it’s hard at work.”

You’ll find a variety of Moen disposals at The Home Depot or visit
The survey also found that of the 55 percent of Americans who have purchased a garbage disposal, roughly two-in-five did so because it’s easier to use a garbage disposal rather than throw away waste.

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