It’s time for an all-new Coffee With America!  This week, host Sasha Rionda has everything you need for a better you and a better, more comfortable home this Summer!  The kitchen is where many families spend the most time.  Celebrity Designer and author Nate Berkus joins us with tips on creating a timeless, functional kitchen.  Lifestyle Expert Mario Armstrong has you covered for every other room in the home and a great tip on getting that backyard pool you’ve always dreamed of!  The summer heat can cause our home appliances to die of heat exhaustion!  Consumer shopping expert Trae Bodge shows you what to do to keep calm, cool and comfortable despite the summer heat.  And, we have some tips on maintaining that kitchen workhorse– your garbage disposal!

Keep your skin looking great with the hottest new anti-aging treatment that has all of Hollywood buzzing!  Jessica Dauler has more details on Paragon by Forever Flawless and what our Coffee With America viewers can do to get a HUGE discount on the product!

Plus, lifestyle expert Adam Matos shares 3 tips for Summer Wellness.  Momtrends Founder Nicole Feliciano also has some great recipes and tips to help you enjoy breakfast all day, any day.

74% of women believe more needs to be done to redefine the current definition of beauty to be more inclusive.  See how Dove is redefining beauty with women like “Kylee.”

And, see how you can make a difference for a child this school year with the B’Gosh Jeanius Campaign.

It’s all new, right here on this week’s Coffee With America.

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