The kitchen is the hardest working room in the home, where typical families spend most of their at-home time. Whether tackling a full-scale kitchen renovation or simply refreshing your space, renowned designer, Nate Berkus offers his latest and greatest trade secrets on what makes for a well-designed space.

Nate has designed countless kitchens in his 20+ years in the industry and knows the secret to creating a forever kitchen, one that will stand the test of time and grow with you and your family. According to Nate, picking a place to start during a kitchen renovation or refresh can be very overwhelming because there are so many decisions to make — from countertops to seating and light fixtures to appliances. You want your kitchen to represent who you are and your lifestyle, so he advises clients to reach for things they love, mixed in with timeless elements that will stand the test of time. Here are some of his top design tips:

BUILD A BEAUTIFUL FOUNDATION: Highlight the few things in your kitchen that are truly worth splurging on, like the appliances
CREATE CHARACTER: Reach for things you love and tell your story and make a room feel layered; like bowls, baskets, framed photos, and things from your travels.
LIGHTING IS KEY: Take time to shop for vintage sconces and lighting fixtures; it’s a great way to add character to the kitchen.
SHOP YOUR HOME: Re-purpose what you already own and love – it makes your design personal without costing a thing

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