It’s More Than Play!
Dr. Erik Fisher, Expert Genius of Play, talks about the importance of playtime for children and how the Genius of Play program can benefit them.
* Children can discover their passion and talents at an early age through play. Research has proven that play can help children become more creative, perform better at school, and develop a problem-solving approach to learning.

* In order to take full advantage of the many developmental benefits, it’s important to make sure kids get a variety of different play types, like physical, imaginative, role-playing, construction, games, arts & crafts, and even screen time… These different types of play will help develop a variety of skills kids will use all their lives.

* Today’s kids play 8 hours a week less than their parents did 20-30 years ago. This lack of playtime is resulting in high stress levels for children. It’s imperative that parents and caregivers learn to include play in a child’s daily routine. Today’s families are over scheduled, but remember to make time for play and keep in mind that play can happen anywhere.

* Toys are the tools of play and can be used to encourage and facilitate play. Research found that children with access to a variety of toys reached higher levels of intellectual achievement, regardless of their gender, race or social class.
* The Genius of Play movement was started to bring more play back into kids’ lives. is a great resource where parents and caregivers can find information about the benefits of play, expert advice, and free play ideas for all ages that can be sorted by developmental benefit and the amount of time you have to play!
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