Top Tech Gifts for the 2017 Holiday Season

The season of giving is upon us, and tech is always hot this time of year. But choosing from all tech products out there can be a daunting task. Here with her tips and tricks to selecting the best tech gifts this season is Top Woman in Tech, Jessica Naziri!

Jessica Naziri is one of the most-in-demand tech personalities for her first-look technology stories and gadget round-ups. Named as’s top women in tech, Naziri is a tech expert, entrepreneur, writer, host and self- proclaimed “chic geek” bridging the gap between lifestyle and technology. Naziri founded her company, a lifestyle technology digital magazine designed for women and inspired by tech. Naziri’s mission is to make tech news more accessible and to empower women by giving them everything they need in one place. Whether it’s the best apps, the latest smartphone review, new gadgets, or social media support. has a unique niche, making technology digestible, relatable and fun. Naziri has turned her passion for technology and writing into a career, starting as a tech news reporter for The Los Angeles Times, CNN and Since then, her work has also appeared in TechCrunch, FOX, CBS, Good Morning America, The Today Show, The Washington Post, Mashable, CBS, The Travel Channel, CNN, NPR, , Inside Edition, Yahoo!, Business Insider, and more!

Jessica will also be discussing:

+The best in tech gifts covering the latest in-
Tablets and TVs
Lap tops and All-In-Ones
Game consoles and Computers
Smartphones & Apps
Home appliances
Gadgets and gizmos
Tech for travelers
+And more!

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