Tech expert Katie Linendoll brings you a Whole Lotta’ Awesomeness!

If anyone knows an awesome holiday gift when she sees it, it’s Emmy® award winning TV host and technology expert, Katie Linendoll…

Katie’s picks:
· When only the best slime will do Nickelodeon Slime Kit – finalist for top toy of the year award
· Give a gift of beauty with a breathtaking artisan-designed holiday arrangements from FTD
· The All-New Amazon Echo features a brand-new look and all the magic of Alexa
· Awesome and ingenious: The SanDisk iXpand Base backs up your iPhone every time you charge it
· What’s old is new again – Polaroid Pop camera is the perfect blend of nostalgia and modern design
· Gamestop and ThinkGeek are THE ultimate destinations for exclusive in-store Pokemon Centers

This SMT is sponsored by Nickelodeon, FTD, Amazon, Western Digital, Polaroid, GameStop/ThinkGeek

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